Over the years you may install cameras from different brands and find that you have 2 or 3 different Apps for your home. This makes it difficult when trying to see what is going on around your home at the same time.

The Clan range of cameras are now ONVIF compatible, you may be asking what that means?

First, we need to understand what ONVIF is. ONVIF or Open Network Video Interface Forum is a global standard to help make it easier for IP camera manufacturers to create products that are compatible with other manufactures.

Cameras that are ONVIF compatible allows all of them (no matter the brand) to be accessed using a single ONVIF platform.

So instead of going through different Apps to see what is going on at home, you will be going to one platform to see all your ONVIF cameras together.

This uniform standard also means that any future cameras will be created using the same industry standard no matter providing a network of IP cameras that operate together.

Cameras that use the ONVIF standard will not be restricted by the development of technology and older systems becoming obsolete. So ONVIF compatible cameras purchased in 2010 can also be accessed with ONVIF cameras purchased in 2020 on a single platform.

The ONVIF standard was first created to help manufacturers, however, it is the customer who benefits the most. With so many different brands out there, one thing is for sure, using an ONVIF camera means that you will never need to look at multiple Apps ever again.

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