Indoor & Outdoor Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision security cameras help identify potential thieves if a break in attempt happens at night when they are most common.

Indoor & Outdoor Night Vision Security Cameras

Unauthorised access to your property by criminals is more likely to happen at night-time. It’s because criminals don’t want to be noticed and they feel they can achieve it at night. However, you should always be prepared for such occurrences. Fortunately, Time2 Indoor & Outdoor Night Vision Security Cameras can help you protect and monitor the things you love and value at all times, even in the darkness of night. You don’t have to be scared of nighttime anymore. The cameras help you to monitor the activities in and around your home as clearly as you want even at night. Read More...

Use the indoor security camera with night vision to monitor what’s going on at night as well as daytime. Are you worried about your house when you are out and about? You can log in straight away and monitor it through the Clan At Home App. While at it, you enjoy clear vision because of the superior quality of the camera. The built-in speaker property enables you to hear what’s happening. In case you want to instruct the intruder to leave, the microphone enables you to convey this message.

Most people love Outdoor home security cameras with night vision and set their cameras to this mode. The advantage in this case is that you can always monitor everything at night just as during the day. They help when thieves access your property.

Outdoor Home Security cameras night with vision are always useful for outdoor locations. They can help you to see anyone who is tampering with your car door. Additionally, you can alert neighbours if there is a suspicious person roaming in your streets.


Wireless outdoor security cameras make use of infrared lighting technology to detect the presence of intruders (humans and animals). Its superior temperature mechanism helps you to monitor intrusions even when it’s too dark and the animals and criminals feel you can’t detect them.

The cameras have small LED bulbs that enables you to see the infrared footage. An excellent infrared cut filter detects light during the day. Therefore, it prevents additional light from getting to the image sensor at daytime. Consequently, you can see clear images during the day.

The filter is removed from the indoor security camera with night vision at night. The LED lights on the camera turn on. That way, you can see the intruders clearly as we have high resolution cameras.

At Time2, you are assured of products with superior quality. Therefore, there is no need to compare the audio and visual properties of the cameras you find here. All you need is to take care of cosmetic aspects such as size and colour depending on where you intend to use the outdoor home security cameras with night vision.

Some people want intruders like thieves to notice the presence of the cameras and know they are being watched. Therefore, they purchase big ones with shouting colours.  Others want thieves not to realise that they are being watched. They can the catch them and act appropriately. As such, they choose dull colours and place them where they can’t be seen. Whatever you need, you can always find it here.

Our cameras at Time2 have superior infrared properties. Therefore, you can always detect and see an intruder regardless of how dark it is. You are always sure that our indoor WiFi security camera will serve its purpose. We care about your peace of mind regardless of the time.

At Time2, we have assisted clients for years. We have top quality products that you can always rely on. Don’t let intruders frustrate you when we are here. What are the advantages you enjoy when you trust us?

  • High-quality cameras
  • Value for money
  • An expert team
  • You enjoy peace of mind in and around your home

Looking for the best Night Vision Security Cameras? You can always purchase it conveniently here.

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