Hidden Security Cameras For Home

Hidden security cameras can easily catch an offender in the act. Feel like you could benefit from one in your home? Take a look at our range now.

Hidden Security Cameras

Installing hidden cameras in and around your home isn’t something that should be frowned upon and can instead have many benefits to help cut down on crime and give you peace of mind. Do you want to make sure that the person doing work on your home can be trusted? If so, a hidden spy camera can be the perfect way of catching offenders in the act. It is human nature to act differently if you know you are being watched, especially if you are up to no good. So, with a hidden security camera, you can catch people whilst they are acting suspiciously, as they think they are not being watched. Read More...

Perfectly blend in

Of course, the art of being hidden and “spying” is to remain anonymous and to not stand out. As a result, you may want to pick one of our many security cameras that fits in with the area that you are looking to place it. Appearance is important here, so you will want to consider this carefully.

At Time2, we have a selection of top of the range small hidden cameras that capture high-quality footage, so you can easily distinguish what is occurring, despite the camera’s lack of size. We ensure that our wireless hidden cameras help you achieve the outcome you are looking for, no questions asked.

If you want to report the anti-social behaviour that happens around your home with clear evidence, our wireless hidden cameras will allow you to easily identify offenders, due to their crystal clear camera quality. Or, if you are looking for peace of mind while you are away from home, our cameras will be able to instantly alert you if there has been any activity, using the integrated Clan app.

Get in touch

If you would like to contact us with any enquiries you may have about our hidden cameras for home, then be sure to call us on 01254 272688 or email us at enquiries@time2technology.com
and we will respond as soon as we can!.


All hidden security cameras are designed to be inconspicuous. But if you are looking for the ideal security camera for your property, then you should look for one that is a similar colour to its surroundings, so it doesn’t stand out too much and alert anyone who doesn’t know it is there.
As you will see from our range of products, all of our security cameras tend to be small in size. This is so they can easily blend in with their environment, reducing the risk that it will be noticed. Ideally, you shouldn’t know what a hidden security camera looks like unless you own it!

This varies greatly depending on the room/property where you wish to install the hidden security camera. You shouldn’t put your security camera too close to eye level, as the ones provided by Time2 are not like the ones you see inside stuffed animals in the movies! Anything too close to eye level will make it easier to spot if someone’s gaze is in its natural position.
As a result, you should look to position your hidden security camera high up in an unnatural position, so it is less likely to be spotted. You should also use the camera’s environment to your advantage, perhaps positioning it amongst dense flowers or greenery, to allow it to blend in easier.

Most people want their outdoor security cameras in plain sight as a way of deterring burglars from their property, but an indoor camera may be best hidden. If you have frequent genuine visitors to your home that you believe would feel uncomfortable if they knew you had a security camera system in place, then a hidden security camera could be the best solution.

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