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Time2’s collection of indoor security cameras have motion and audio detection, live streaming, automatic night vision and many more features to keep your home safe.

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Indoor Security Camera UK

You should never take your home security as a light issue. Do you intend to protect your home but you have no idea what products suit you and your needs? At Time2, our Indoor Security Camera Systems are designed to help you protect and monitor all that you love and value. They are ideal for monitoring your pets, babies, and vulnerable loved ones. Read More...

With our Indoor CCTV Camera, it is always easy to keep in touch and keep a record of all the events in your home. Consequently, you feel safe and peaceful. Whether you are within the confines of your home or not, you can always feel secure.

What are the specific Indoor Home Security Cameras you find here? We have two magnificent ones; Sophia and Olivia.

How do they work?


The camera is fixed and only records occurrences in one location. Its excellent picture and video qualities ensure that you can easily identify intruders.


The Indoor Security Camera System rotates. Its 355-degree pan and 55 degree tilt enables you to view the whole room. You can connect it to the Clan app. With this app, you can connect your camera to different devices including smart bulbs and plugs. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. That means you can monitor what’s happening in your house from any global location.

Breaches to your home security are bound to happen. For instance, an intruder may access the exterior of your property and manage to get inside. A trusted employee may also begin to engage in suspicious activities. Whatever the case, you can always count on our Indoor House Cameras for protection from such breaches.

Also, you may want to monitor the activities of a family member.  It could be the young children at home or a pet. Our Indoor Security Camera in the UK comes in handy. The excellent motion alerts on our cameras enable you to monitor suspicious movements and sounds at home. An important benefit you enjoy in our Indoor Home Security Cameras is that they have night vision properties. Therefore, you can monitor activities in your home even at night.

Are you someone you want to be proactive when it comes to security issues? Then our Indoor House Cameras is ideal for you. The camera sends a notification whenever it detects movements and sounds. That way, you can warn the intruder, talk to the family member, or scare the pet. With our Indoor Security Camera System, you are always in control even if you are away from home.

The Indoor House Cameras detect both motion and sound. It then sends you the notification. Therefore, you don’t need to record everything. Our Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision is what you need for close monitoring of your home.

With WIFI connectivity and HD properties, our Indoor Home Security Cameras can always help you to monitor your home from your smartphone. You can view live streams remotely. Alternatively, you can record footage and view them at your convenient time. You can improve your security with our UK Indoor Security Camera.

You need to add our Indoor CCTV Camera to your home if you want to enjoy peace of mind. Consequently, the Indoor Security Camera UK improves the well-being of your family members and property.

Do you have any questions concerning our Indoor Security Camera System? Our experts are always happy to respond. Call us on 01254 272688. Alternatively, email us at at any time.


Our cameras use infrared lighting technology to monitor the activities within and around your home. You can see the intruders based on their temperatures. With the live feeds, you decide what you want to do. You can warn, scare, or confront the intruder.

Yes, all of our indoor security cameras need to have a good WiFi connection.

We have designed simple security camera systems that are easy to set up in just a few minutes. We provide step-by-step instruction, however, if you need a little extra help our experts are ready to guide you.

Time2 is a company that you can always count on when you need good quality Indoor Surveillance Cameras. We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Besides, we still ensure the cameras are easy to install and use. We offer pocket-friendly rates to our clients.

Assess our products and choose the Indoor CCTV Camera that suits you.

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